Connecting the Dot for Success

The business community’s new exercise that is taking over lately is “connecting the dot game”. Imagine how much information one is exposed to over a day, week, and str. What if one could connect the dots in real-time to manifest the path for unprecedented opportunities. How many times in your life have you been exposed to a great value of information, and you find yourself afterward complaining of “if I just could have it earlier, I could do so much with it”. Let me surprise you, you probably had signals, and/or information that you undervalue or ignore, and if you were mastering the “connecting the dot game” you could leverage this valuable piece of information.

Nevertheless, this accessibility from the mounting amount of qualified suppliers is fueling the never-ending armor race of product portfolio, leading in most cases to fatal mistakes done by dossier houses that trade the same dossier in a small territory to too many potential distributors. Pity as it sounds, many dossier houses are building the KPI for their business development team in an inappropriate fatal manner that recognizes short terms down payments over the potential product life sickle rewards from a given country. Unfortunately, many companies are wrongdoing in planning their long-term business expansion and are only drive from short terms relatively small incomes. I strongly suggest to dossier houses and pharmaceutical companies to hire a well-educated business development team that can analyze and investigate the markets they oversee before determining the market penetration strategy. I came across many business development personals that only care about the sales forecast and do not have any clue about the market they intend to sell. I am afraid that’s not right.

It doesn’t matter if the information is positive or negative. There is a say that if I could avoid making the mistakes that one did, I could be very wealthy. Negative or positive, or even shallow information is of value to the needed. It just happens to be that you will need to use this information at a later stage. The “connecting the dot game” is even going further to business discussions, where I would suggest, based on experience, to let the other party speak first. By leveraging data and cross-referencing the dots the other party is sharing in live, you can gain valuable momentum that will allow you to refine your upcoming pitch to the latest terms of interest of the other party. It’s all about gaining relevancy in an hour average call/meeting, where talk and dress to impress take the front stage. Any finetuning that could be done live in one of these parameters will increase your odds in the future.

“Connecting the dots” is a comprehensive game that could be cross-referenced across all the terms of interest from business to pleasure to leisure. Watching the news and see a new drug approval for Covid-19, cross-match it with the latest talk you had with company X about this particular type of indication, remember the CT results they advertise, compare them both and consider your next steps. You saw an advertisement in LinkedIn on a new product launch in one of the markets you don’t operate, cross-match it with the market needs or wish list you hold, and send the info to the relevant person in your organization.

The difference comes into play in the level of information you are sharing and in the timing. So many of you will say, hey, that’s obvious, but more than 90% of you won’t do anything to share or further investigate, fact eliminating the opportunity before it even conceived. Try to correlate your life to a quest game, where life is the quest game. Any fraction of information could impact, especially if you know to perform the needed actions after connecting the dots. Intelligence provides you unprecedented power that could be leveraged towards first to act, and first to act in many cases will define your success in the mission. To conclude, life is a quest game, be with an open mind, always cross-reference and “connect the dots”, and if you smell an opportunity or threat, don’t hesitate to act quickly.


Dr. Shlomo Sadoun:

Chief Executive Officer at SK Pharma | Co-Founder & Chairman at DrugsIntel